4dBarn Will Organize a Webinar Series in 2021


4dBarn will organize several free webinars during spring 2021 aiming to spread knowledge and share experiences on planning and building efficiently working robot barns. The topics of the webinars have been chosen to answer questions we often hear from our clients:

o    How will I create optimal working routines to my barn?

o    How to ensure optimal transitioning in a robot barn?

o    Is fetching cows very labor demanding?

o    What does it take to modify my existing dairy facility to AMS milking?

o    How to create a work efficient calf barn?


In every webinar you will hear a lecture from one of our experts. Additionally we will recerve time in the end for questions from audience. You can send us questions when you sign up for the webinar. Sign up links are added to this page closer to each event!

Please note! Some of the webinars are in English, some in English and Japanese. See the details below!

The webinar dates and topics:

19.1. at 1-2 PM (EET) How to ensure productivity and efficiency of an AMS barn

9.2. at 1-2 PM (EET) Fresh cow group and fetch pen increase the profitability of your AMS (in English)
24.2. at 1-2.10 PM (EET) Feeding strategies in AMS barns (in English with slides and interpretation in Japanese)

10.3. at 1-2 PM (EET) Udder health in robotic milking: Good practices for prevention and mastitis management (in Japanese)

16.3. at 1-2 PM (EET) Renovating an existing barn to labor efficient and functional robot barn.

13.4. at 1-2 PM (EET) Basic principles of functional calf barn (In Japanese)

Sign up: http://campaign.4dbarn.com/webinar-13.4.2021-functional-calf-barn

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