Our experts

Jouni Pitkäranta, Architect (Helsinki University of Technology) 2006

Jouni Pitkäranta graduated from University of Technology in Helsinki in 2006. Even before that He has run his own barn design and architecture office Cowhomes. Jouni Pitkäranta has born and lived his childhood in a dairy farm and did His first barn design, which was built, at 15 years age in 1987.

Jouni Pitkäranta is specialized to dairy, youngstock and calf barn design, especially focused to robotic milking barn design. Jouni Pitkäranta has designed about 600 dairy barns in total mostly in Finland, but also in Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Holland and Germany.

Has got a training from University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation in 2013, Licensed calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser. 

Virpi Kurkela, DMV

Virpi Kurkela graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Helsinki University in 1999. Since then she has worked as a practicing veterinarian mostly in large animal practice and as a herd health veterinarian.

She started her current work as a herd health veterinarian for an advisory organization ProAgria Oulu in 2011. Her main responsibilities are herd health management of large dairy farms and development of ProAgria advisory services. An important part of her job is lecturing farmers, advisors and veterinarians about bovine health and welfare. She also does specialized consulting for robotic farms as a member of ProAgria’s Herd Navigator advisory team.

In 2013 she got a special training from University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation and is a licensed calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser. 

Virpi’s professional interest is focused on health and welfare of dairy cows in robotic milking and heard health management in dairy farms. She has a lot of post graduate education and experience especially in udder health management and influence of barn environment and design on health and production of dairy cows, calves and heifers.

Marjo Posio, M.Sc.(agriculture), animal nutrition (University of Helsinki)

Has lived her childhood in a dairy farm.
- 2009–2011 Farm manager in a beef calf barn for 850 beef calves in Kuivaniemi, Finland
- 2011–2013 Project manager in Milk management –development project, ProAgria Oulu
- 2013– Dairy farm -adviser (specialiced to nutrition and production monitoring, SOP – working rules in a dairy barn, udder health and fertility control) ProAgria Oulu

Works closely and makes feed recipies to one of the best organic dairy farms in Finland.
Has developed and worked together with Jouni Pitkäranta in an international robot barn labour efficiency project monitoring robot barn performance in numerous barns in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and United States.

Has got a training from University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation in 2013, Licenced calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser.



Jouni Pitkäranta, +358 400 166 058

Virpi Huotari, +358 400 786 933