4dBarn® Invest - the first design step

Questions in Your mind? What kind of different investment paths could our farm have? Can I use my existing facilities as a part of switching to AMS? Am I able to get a well functioning barn with a lower investment cost? Where should I put my new barn and secure future expansion? Can I fix existing barns to a new use? What is the ball park cost of these different options?

Do You recognize Yourself from this?

”Robotic milking is our thing.”
”We have an idea where we and our dairy barn would like to be after 10 years.”
”What can we do now for the next generation of farming on this site?”

What You get from 4dBarn® Invest survey?

•    Discussion and exploring ideas about different types of investment paths
•    A report with the following items:

•    A management plan guideline for the new dairy farmstead

•    A farmstead site plan with future expansions/concept ideas described

•    Ballpark cost estimates to start a talk with lenders

A basis for future investment in AMS  – 4dBarn® can hopefully help in that too!


Jouni Pitkäranta Arch: info@4dbarn.com

Japan, Nahoko Kanai DVM: info.japan@4dbarn.com

USA Contact David W. Kammel or Jouni Pitkäranta
cell:  +1 608-212-9901
email: david.kammel@4dbarn.com

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