Farmers' testimonials


”We chose to collaborate with 4dBarn because we had heard about the positive experiences of their other customers. Hearing those stories built trust in the company. Their team is specialized in functional barn design, which was what we needed. In addition, our hopes were taken into account in the design process.”

Anders Johansson and Sonja Ek-Johansson, Parainen, Finland

4dBarn Designed 2 robots


We used 4dBarn’s design services. Communicating with 4dBarn has been easy and we have been able to ponder together questions that have arisen after the barn was taken into use. In our opinion, the company has a lot to offer for ranches both in Finland and abroad. We believe 4dBarn’s services are quite unique in the world.”

Janne and Paula Kokkonen, Siilinjärvi, Finland

4dBarn Designed 4 robots


”The design process was smooth and the result is really good. The individual needs of the farm are taken into account in 4dBarn’s activities. Our new barn surely pays itself back via saved time and increased wellbeing of the animals. I have also recommended 4dBarn to my acquaintances.”

Riikka and Mika Peltola, Haarajoki, Finland

4dBarn Designed 1 robot



Our barn was extended and transformed into a robot barn in the summer of 2017. The original barn was also designed by 4dBarn’s skilled workers and I had a positive past experience about their expertise. 4dBarn’s services are well thought-out and their customer service is friendly. I would surely recommend the company.”

Tuomo Palosaari, Veteli, Finland

4dBarn Designed 1 robot



Everything worked smoothly even though there was an ocean between us and 4dBarn’s headquarters. I am most satisfied with 4dBarn’s attention to detail. They are also really responsive to e-mails and they always work timely. We did not have to wait at any point.

Allen Dornacker

Dornacker Prairie Acres, West Bend, Wisconsin, USA

4dBarn Designed 3 robots


"4dBarn visited my existing robot facility and observed our cows, barn layout, and management strategies. They provided us with well thought out, practical suggestions on how to improve our operation. They were professional, experienced and helpful."
Karl Lettner, Galesville, WI USA

”An implement plan is very good, it really forces You to think through the whole working processes. 4dBarn advisers are open for critics and comments and are willing to look for alternative options. 4dBarn has a worldwide knowledge in robot barn design.”
Jos and Suzanna Lanckohr, Bjuråker, Sweden –  4dBarn Designed 3 robots

”Finally somebody thinks in a new way! Design starts with essential: working in a barn. If I want to be a milk producer in the future, working in the barn must be as efficient as possible. 4dBarn designs in the right way, labour is a very big part of milk production cost.”
Niclas Sjöskog, Pietarsaari, Finland – 4dBarn Designed 2 robots

Jarmo & Mari Niskanen, Lapinlahti, Finland, 4dBarn Designed 3 robots and Paula & Janne Kokkonen, Siilinjärvi, Finland, 4dBarn Designed 3 robots: 4dBarn Testimonial video (7 minutes in Finnish, subtitled in English)

RantaHyry Oy: Uninsulated calf barn from Finland (7 minutee, subtitled in English)