Greater efficiency in the robot barn

Robotic milking is often chosen to save working and labour time. Do you know how efficiently your working time is used in your barn? How efficiently are you and your employees working right now? Do your cows use their time productively? Does your facility allow cows to maximize production time?

Whether in existing or new barns, 4dBarn Oy wants to increase productive work and to remove obstacles by optimizing the usage of management, labour, and cow production time

4dBarn Oy collaborates with experts from around the world in robotic barn design and use creating optimal layout, traffic, and gating systems.

4dBarn Oy provides a unique barn operation manual and a daily work plan supporting farm production.  Design and improvement of calf barn ventilation is an essential feature of 4dBarn Ltd`s services.  

Restrictive factors of production in the robotic farm

Do you know, what factors limit the yield of cows on your farm?